Time Out of Mind sequence:

The lighting for this sequence is part of the ballet, which is contrasty and hard to capture. I have left the bit of sepia coloring of the original Black and White film because it adds a bit more detail and atmosphere to the images.

An action shot of the most terrifying moment in the ballet. Women were lifted at the waist, thrown into the air with legs flying open. Men extended their hands under the legs. Women had to find and grasp the mens' hands before they somersaulted head over heels forward. Dancers on the left are in mid air searching for their partners' extended hands. Note the panic reflected in their faces and hands. Left to right: Kathleen Bannon, Suzanne Hammons, June Wilson, Lili Cockerille, Marlene Rizzo, Barbara Livshin, Karina Reiger. This lift was used on tour in the US and Europe. In more conservative countries in North Africa and the Middle East it was modified to make it less risque.

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