Photographs by

Mark B. Anstendig

Harkness Ballet

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I would like to thank former Harkness Ballet dancer Kathleen Bannon for supplying captions for the photos. I also would like to thank Brunilda Ruiz, former solo dancer with the Harkness Ballet, for her help with this site. I look forward to their further help as I add more of the very many more photos I still have to add to the site.


Minotaur Sequence from Ariadne


Daphnis and Chloe

Larry Rhodes Daphnis and Chloe Sequence

Another Daphnis Sequence

Time Out of Mind

Another Time Out of Mind Sequence

Third "Time Out of Mind" Sequence

Feast of Ashes



Highland Fair


Don Quixote

Individual Photos


The action ballet photos are clearly state of the art for that time (1965) and still right up there within the present possibilities.  They are all unposed, taken without extra lighting or anything else, during the performances.

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