This photo of the Harkness Ballet's "Pas d'Action", which is temporarily scanned from an 8 x 10 print made in 1963, was Rebecca Harkness' favorite photo. A large tabloid size enlargement was the only photo she displayed in her NYC apartment's living room.

This photo was shot during a live performance in Washington DC. In 1962, Harkness imported me from Berlin, where I was living, to shoot all the ballet's current productions during their live performances in Washington. The reason the photo is so sensational is first of all, that the men are caught in full flight, off the ground, at the apex of their flight, and in absolutely perfect formation, caught from the most perfect direct-front angle. And that it is absolutely real, during a live performance, not staged, and without any flash or extraneous lighting.

But more important,it turned out that, besides being in perfect formation, every one of men's bodies is technically perfect. Hands, legs, feet, arm-angle, everything. It is all technically perfect, which happens seldom. It was considered one of the best dance photos  ever taken.

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